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    by Riser Medical Associates
    on Nov 10th, 2016

Dr. Riser looks to keep ahead of healthcare reform. He relates his perspective;

“This new healthcare delivery system is [must be] focused on the patient as a member of the healthcare team…as we require the patient to be an [accountable] member of the healthcare team we are subject to his/her demand of convenient and efficient healthcare with an emphasis on quality and affordability (i.e. " more bang for the buck").  We must also deal with the patient’s view that affordable healthcare is a right, not a privilege.”

Examples of Innovation and Technology at Riser Medical Associates Include:

Dr. Riser also mentions that there are many more innovations being tested and developed with his team, and with other like-minded healthcare partners.

“Two concepts can decrease the cost of healthcare; preventative healthcare maintenance and early detection  and treatment of chronic disease and comorbid conditions - as we retool our healthcare delivery system we must become more proactive on these concepts. We cannot miss an opportunity to promote healthcare maintenance [and affect lifestyle changes] to our patients.”

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